• L for Leisure
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    L for Leisure

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    2014, Color, 74min.
    By Lev Kalman & Whitney Horn.

    Experimental comedy set in 1992-3 follows awkward graduate students on vacations all around the world. Find out what happens when people stop being real...and start being polite.

    Subtitles in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

  • L for Leisure - Luxury

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    The full 74 minute film, L FOR LEISURE, and the
    full film BLONDES IN THE JUNGLE (2009, 48m).

    SOUNDTRACK: Full original soundtrack album by John Atkinson in High Quality MP3s.

    UNSEEN FOOTAGE: Four minutes of the "Lost Cafe Scenes"

    VIDEO Q&A: Twenty minute talk with co-director Lev Kalma...